Founded in early 2014 as an incubator project between Dubit and KZero and seed funded in February 2015, WEARVR is the leading independent Virtual Reality App store.

We host and promote over 2,000 VR games and experiences, across a wide range of genres. From roller coasters, driving and flying sims through to 360-degree videos, social apps and jump scares, you’ll find them all on WEARVR.

For developers of all sizes, we can provide great awareness of their titles, along with hosting services, high-quality traffic and the ability to sell your apps.

For users (the guys and gals with VR headsets), we strive to have the latest and greatest VR experiences served up daily.

You love VR, we love VR, WEARVR.

“WEARVR is all about helping people find and experience the best VR content, as well as working with content creators to distribute to a wider audience. We’re very pleased and excited to be involved with the VR Awards, which is recognising the very best talent in the VR space. This event promises to be a great occasion and we’re delighted to be presenting ‘Best VR Experience of the Year’.”

Andrew Douthwaite, COO of WEARVR